Monday, April 27, 2020

Thanks To Disney! Mickey Beignets Recipe Is Out And It's Yum!

Beignets Anyone? You can now enjoy Mickey Beignets at your home and you can have them anytime you want without stepping out of your home. The only thing is you have to cook on your own.

Yes! it's possible

Thanks to Disney who made this possible for us. Looking at the lockdown situation, Disney Parks Blog has decided to share out the amazing recipe of Mickey Beignets that we all enjoy when we visit Disney Parks. If you follow the recipe below, it comes out pretty much the same as we enjoy at Disney Parks.


Due to pandemic across the globe, everything has been closed down for the best. You can't go out to have fun like old times but there are somethings that can be done within the home space.

If you are one of those who are missing out on all the fun that Disney Park offers than here's something from them to cheer you up.

Recently, Disney parks decided to share a few amazing recipes from their park treats and you can now cook and bake at home without a hassle. This list of recipes includes their very famous mouth-watering Dole Whip as well. Well, you can expect a slight change in its process and so will be in its taste but it's almost the same. And as you are having it in your home why regret it, right?

Mickey Beignets Recipe

Here's a page of their detailed recipe 👇
You can also download and find more at Disneyland App

Thanks To Disney Mickey Beignets Recipe Is Out And It's Yum!

Until the park opens up, this is the safest way to enjoy your favorite Disney Park recipes at home.

Let us know about all the fun you have while baking it at home. If the result were close enough, do share in the comment below. We would love to hear your thoughts on that. 

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