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Hindustan Times Epaper: Are you looking out for options that can provide you subscription over Hindustan times Epaper? If yes then this post will guide you to the best service you can have.

How To Subscribe Hindustan Times Epaper?

There was a time when getting the news update wasn’t that simple. You had to find a radio near you and you had to set the exact channel in order to hear out things. But with the technological updates, we shifted to a bigger gadget known as a Television set.

We enjoyed every bit of it but then our lifestyle changed in many ways. We don’t have time to sit in front of the television set the whole day and we certainly cannot watch the news update throughout the day. We just need quick headlines whenever we need them and wherever we need them.  

In this 21st century where everything has become accessible to us by using a tablet, laptop, or mobile phone, news is just a click away for us.

These technological advancements have allowed consumers to shift from one form of product to other. And once again we have a better and a quicker way to read the newspapers.

It’s called e papers.

E papers are the quickest way to get to your daily updates over the phone. You don’t have to carry an additional set of newspapers with you all the time wherever you go. Simply download the app of your favorite news provider and get all the updates in no time.


Which E paper Should You Subscribe to?

If you want to have an open list of options for yourself, where you may shift from one news provider to another then we recommend you to subscribe to the Magzter app subscription.


What’s a Magzter? 

Magzter is a platform where you get access to 5000+ magazines, newspapers, and many other premium stories that will give you an exclusive interesting read on the latest topics around the world along with daily news updates. All this becomes accessible to you in the form of e papers and digital magazines.

E Paper Subscription

Deal Box

Newspaper 1

How Much For All Newspaper Subscriptions?

The original price was Rs. 3,999 annually but now you can have the same access to over 5000+ magazines and newspapers at a 50% discount.

Subscribe to the service at 1999/ per year. (50% off)

How Much For Monthly Subscriptions?

Subscribe to the monthly service of your favorite news provider at 399/ per month.

For more options refer to the plans below

Magzter plans

How Much For Hindustan Times Subscription Only

If you want to subscribe over Hindustan times subscription-only then service starts from Rs 429 a quarterly and Rs. 599 half-yearly. 

It goes up to Rs. 999 for a year if you buy from the Hindustan times’ group.  For more details refer to the below chart.

Hindustan epaper

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