How Lonely Are You Meme

Meme Story

How lonely are you meme is an attempt that shows you how the story starts and how it ends in the end with the help of memes and gifs used. We call it a meme story.

It’s pretty L A M E…

Check it out.. you won’t feel bored! 😀

I thought it’s my heart but… 

It looks like it’s my brain who is acting smart!

Now you think about everything you went through in the first relationship. How stupid you were!


Well, the time has passed.

Now it’s 2021 

You google about relationships to learn more

and this is what you get being the popular (🔥) thing 

right now 👇



You Read Every Page Of It 


The Next Day

After the one-night reading!


But Later I Saw This ….

And Now I Can See My Future From Hereon 



Few Years Have Passed…..

Few Years Have Passed…..

Few Years Have Passed…..

Few Years Have Passed…..

Few Years Have Passed…..

It’s 2025 

I and My Date Are Having A Conversation


I Can See Your Reaction On Being All This Very Lame But…


Don’t Worry!

cause I finally…


I Know!   


Now I Am Happy By My Self


Being lonely isn’t bad.
Don’t let the depression take over you. 
Cheer up! Watch Something Funny

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